Referring to the Law on Standardization (Official Gazette 13/08) Institute for Standardization of Montenegro (ISME) acts as an Information center in accordance with the requirements defined by relevant international agreements and obligations arising from membership in the relevant European and international organizations for Standardization.

In order to achieve full membership in European organizations for standardization, ISME, among others, has an obligation to report and notify all projects related to the original national standards. ISME puts into effect these official notification by CEN and CENELEC as of May 2011.

Notification of full and associate members of CEN are published in "Monthly Notification Register", while CENELEC publishes the"Directive 98/34/EC – Register of new national standardization initiatives notified under subsectors in the scope of CENELEC".

In order to inform the Montenegrin public on the new standardization project members and associate members of CEN and CENELEC, ISME publishes these documents on its website, which could be find here.