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Copyrights protection and exploitation rights of the Institute, as copyrights owners, are treated in accordance with the Law on Copyrights and Related Rights ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 037/11 as of 29.07.2011, 053/16 as of 11.08.2016), Law on Standardization ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 013/08 of 26.02.2008), CEN/CENELEC Guide10, ISO POCOSA and the other internal documents.

Standards and related documents (technical specifications, technical reports, instructions and similar documents), as unofficial texts (unlike official texts that do not include copyrights protection), are original and unique copyrighted works.

Reproduction, as a whole or a part, as well as the distribution of Montenegrin standards and related documents are permitted only with the consent and in accordance with the rules of the Institute.

The Institute, as a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Standardization in Electrical Engineering (CENELEC), and as NSO (National Organization for Standards) in the area of telecommunications (ETSI), has statutory, contractual and moral obligation to invest the efforts to promote and upgrade legal use and prevention of unauthorized usage of their copyrighted publications in Montenegro, as well as their official names and distinctive signs protected by trademark rights.

The Institute uses optimal copyrights protection of all available publications, as proposed in CEN/CENELEC Guide 10, 4.5 Copyright statements and watermarking.

The Institute is entitled and obliged to take adequate commercial and other measures, and when needed legal actions to protect its intellectual property, the intellectual property of international and European standardization organizations, as well as the intellectual property of national standards bodies of foreign countries with which the Institute signed cooperation agreements or commercial contracts.