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Celebrating the day of the Institute

On May 10, 2023, the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Red Cross of Montenegro, marked the foundation day in the form of first aid training for employees of the Institute, which was conducted by instructors of the CKCG, in the premises of the Red Cross.

The employees of the Institute had the opportunity to hear useful information related to the provision of first aid, in case of potential unfortunate events. Through social responsibility, we emphasized the part of the activity of getting to know the basics of first aid, which is very important both for all institutions and for every individual.

This training and the overall organization of it are just a continuation and promotion of good practices and successful cooperation between these two institutions through the exchange of knowledge and experience. We will try to justify this type of cooperation through the application of a large number of adopted standards by the expert bodies of the Institute from various fields related to the mentioned topic.