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Cooperation agreements

The Institute for Standardisation of Montenegro signed cooperation agreements with national standards bodies from the other countries:

Concerned type of agreements is aimed to improve relations and mutual cooperation between Montenegro and the other country signatory in the area of standardization in order to remove technical barriers to trade, increase security level, protect human health and life, as well as promote sustainable development and environmental protection. The cooperation between the signatories are carried out through the exchange of information, experts, knowledge and experiences, as well as joint work on various issues in the area of standardization.

A significant segment of cooperation with national standards bodies from the other countries is based on contractual agreements with The German Institute for Standardization (DIN), The British Standards Institution (BSI), Association française de normalisation (AFNOR), as well as with The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International). Following cooperation agreements, the stakeholders are allowed to read standards texts or purchase German, British, French or ASTM standards at the Institute's Standards Library.

As regards national level, the Institute signed cooperation agreements with:

The aim of concerned cooperation is realization of the projects targeted to further strengthening of institutional capacities, planning and implementing the activities of mutual interest in order to address the entire range of relevant economic and social concerns.