Institute for Standardization of Montenegro
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The Director of the Institute is elected and dismissed by the Managing Board on the basis of a public competition.

Director: organizes and manages work of the Institute; represents the Institute; takes care of the legitimacy of the work of the Institute and is responsible for the legitimate work of the Institute; takes care of the work expertise of the Institute; adopts an act on the adoption or withdrawal of Montenegrin standards and related documents; proposes Institute’s Act on the organization and forwards it to the Managing Board for adoption; takes care of the use and managment of the Institute's assets; implements Assembly and the Managing Board’s decisions; decides on the rights and obligations of employees in the Institute regarding the employment, in accordance with law; forms, if necessary, advisory bodies or expert councils in order to give course to expert work for certain areas of standardization; decides on the appointment of representatives of the Institute to international and European standardization organizations’ bodies; prepares appropriate reports and financial statements; performs other tasks within its competence.

The director of the Institute is **Zoran Glomazić, BSc.