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Intellectual property

The Institute has exclusive copyright and intellectual property rights over the Institute's website as well as its all constituent elements: text, visual and audio elements, data and databases, program code and the other website elements, authored by the Institute. Unauthorized use of any part of the website or the website as a whole, without prior direct written permission issued by the Institute as the exclusive copyright holder, shall be considered as an infringement of the Institute's copyrights and be the subject to all legal proceedings.

The website may also contain the elements with exclusive copyrights and other intellectual property rights such as the content of the website users, the content of business partners, advertisers etc. authorized by the other persons. The other persons shall be exclusively responsible for the content over which they have rights, disregarding the fact that such content is visible on the Institute's website.

Having the content on the website, the user agrees that it becomes visible to each website visitor, following prescribed conditions and terms of use. Further reproduction of the other persons content or the part of the website content is allowed only upon the prior written consent of the Institute, noting that the content is downloaded from the website, indicating the appropriate link where the downloaded content is deposited. Only content with a registered copyright is the responsibility of the Institute.

Each person is responsible for the authored content, i.e. for the content posted by himself/herself and made publicly available via the website.