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Privacy Statement

This notice refers to personal data processing performed by the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro staff, VII Omladinske 28; e-mail address:

For the purpose of conducting its operating, the Institute processes personal data of the users with whom it makes communication, by collecting data directly from these persons, via their employers, contractors, business partners or third parties, if applicable. For fulfilling the purpose of processing, data processing is performed in accordance with the storage restrictions principle, in the minimal timeframe in which it is necessary identification of the persons to whom the data relate.

Personal data processing rules by the Institute include the following categories:

1. Employees and part-time employees, former employees and retired persons

The Institute processes personal data of employees and part-time employees, as well as personal data of former employees and retired persons and members of their families, in order to perform and comply with actual regulations defining these type of data, including labor regulations and labor, pension, disability, health and social insurance records, tax and accounting regulations and regulations in the area of security and occupational safety. Collected data of employees and the other employees are also processed in order to define related agreements with the concerned persons. Collected data for the relative category of the persons are processed following their consent whenever it is necessary in accordance with applicable regulations, i.e. relying on legitimate interest, where applicable.

2. Candidates for the job, part-time jobs

The data of persons applying for employment, i.e. part-time jobs or professional training are processed only if necessary for the process of recruitment and selection of the candidates to be realized efficiently, following the interests of the Institute, freedoms, rights and interests of the candidates. The candidates failing to pass the selection process, and whose data have been collected for this purpose, are provided with the rights under the applicable regulations.

3. Persons visiting the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro

The Institute has a legitimate interest in processing the personal data of all persons visiting the Institute premises, and keep records of these visits in accordance with all applicable regulations, including regulations on private security and video surveillance.

4. Business associates and persons engaged by business associates

In order to organize operating, the Institute collects personal data of the persons acting independently as well as ones employed by business partners (legal entities) and potential business partners, i.e. persons engaged on a different basis. Concerned processing is performed for the contracts implementing and meeting legal obligations. If certain personal data are not necessary for concluding and implementing a contract with data holder person, such personal data may be processed if the Institute has a legitimate interest to perform specific processing. Otherwise, the contract implementation would be difficult. Concerned processing shall not jeopardize the rights or interests of the data holder person. Business associates and natural persons hired by business associates data may also be processed if the persons provided the consent for the purpose not related to the contract implementation, following actual regulations.

5. Natural persons with maintained normal and adjusted business and partnership relations

The Institute processes data of natural persons with whom regular and appropriate business and partner relations are maintained, both individuals and persons engaged by or representing other legal entities, institutions or authorities, but only to the extent necessary and appropriate for this purpose (sending invitations for celebrations and events, sending suitable and usual gifts, sending promotional material), while observing all principles of data processing, applicable regulations and in-house rules.

Natural person has the following rights regarding the processing of his personal data by the Institute: