Institute for Standardization of Montenegro
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Managing Board of the Institute

Managing Board has five members, two of whom are appointed by the Founder, two members are elected by the Assembly among members the Institute who are not appointed by the Founder, and one member is elected by Institute’s employees.

Managing Board: adopts its the rules of procedure; decides on the line of work of the Institute; proposes to the Assembly for adoption the Statute of the Institute to the Assembly; proposes for adoption program of work and the annual plan for the adoption of Montenegrin standards and related documents as well as the Performance Agreement; deliberates over the annual work report, financial plan and financial report; elects and dismisses the Director of the Institute; on the proposal of the Director, decides on issues related to the membership of the Institute in international and European standardization organizations, as well as on the issues of cooperation with other national standardization bodies and reports to the Assembly about that; is in charge of preparations of the Assembly sessions and proposes to the Assembly decisions within its competence; adopts Institute's rules for issuing and adoption of Montenegrin standards and related documents in a certain area; on the basis of the director’s proposal, gives consent on establishment of technical committees for adoption of Montenegrin standards and related documents, as well as consent on termination of work of those technical committees; adopts rules on the use of the mark of conformity with Montenegrin standards and related documents; adopts the Act on the organization of the Institute, upon the proposal of the director; adopts other general documents within the competence of the Institute’s work; determines membership fees for a particular year; adopts the price list of standards and related documents, with the consent of the Founder; adopts the price list of other services provided by Institute; performs other tasks within its competence.

The Rules of Procedure of the Managing Board of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro regulate closer the issues related to the order of work and decision-making of the Managing Board.

Members of the Managing Board are:

Name and surname Appointed by Status
prof Milan Vukčević, PhD Founder President
Nebojša Mugoša Founder Member
Stanko Zloković Interested parties Member
prof Srđa Aleksić, PhD Interested parties Member
Željko M. Gurešić, MSc Employees Member