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Draft standards in public enquiry

Based on general acts of the Institute, and according to internal rules of standardization related to the preparation, adoption and development of Montenegrin standards and related documents, the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro, in order to inform and involve the public in the development of Montenegrin standards, publishes draft Montenegrin standards and related documents to a public hearing.

The public debate phase is essential because it ensures publicity of work and involvement of all stakeholders in the process of standard development, and publicity of work and involvement of stakeholders are one of the basic principles of standardization. In other words, the public hearing allows the public to comment on the draft standards prepared by the Institute's expert bodies. After the end of the public debate, all comments are collected and submitted to the competent expert body of the Institute for further processing.

The period of duration of the public debate on the draft Montenegrin standards is prescribed by the Law on Standardization and lasts for 60 days from the day of publication for the public debate. During the public hearing, comments are entered in the boxes provided for that purpose or submitted in writing to the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro with an indication of the draft Montenegrin standard to which they relate.

Draft Montenegrin standards are available to interested parties at the premises of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro, VII Omladinske br.28, Podgorica.

A list of draft Montenegrin standards at the public hearing can be found on the front page or HERE.

For additional information regarding the standards at the public hearing, you can contact +382 20 227 108 or e-mail: and