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Happy holidays!

Dec 31, 2021 more

Beginning of the public enquiry

Dec 27, 2021 more

The institute has successfully passed the certification test

Dec 8, 2021 more

Free Webinar

Dec 2, 2021 more

Guest lecture at the first international scientific conference in the field of maritime affairs in Kotor

Nov 30, 2021 more

World quality day

Nov 12, 2021 more

20 years of the Chamber of Engineers

Nov 9, 2021 more

Tenth International Conference of Health Wellness and Spa Tourism: "Health Tourism - A Path for a Year-round Tourism Product"

Nov 1, 2021 more

ISO meeting for Europe and Central Asia

Nov 1, 2021 more

Meeting of the Working Group for Overhead Lines

Oct 27, 2021 more

Bilateral meeting with ISO and ISME

Oct 27, 2021 more

Regional Cooperation - Meeting at the Institute for Standardization of Serbia

Oct 18, 2021 more


Oct 13, 2021 more

Beginning of the public enquiry

Oct 7, 2021 more

Promo paket vebinara

Oct 6, 2021 more

Elected governing bodies of the Institute

Oct 6, 2021 more

Najnovije objavljeni standardi


Sep 30, 2021 more

ISO welcome ISME as full member

Sep 24, 2021 more