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MEST EN 14988:2019

Children's high chairs - Requirements and test methods

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Adopted from EN 14988:2017

Replaces MEST EN 14988-1:2013

Replaces MEST EN 14988-2:2013

Will be replaced by nMEST EN 14988:2021

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97.140   97.190   97.190, 97.140  


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This European Standard specifies safety requirements for free standing children's high chairs that elevate children to dining table height usually for the purposes of feeding or eating. Children's high chairs are for children up to 3 years of age who are capable of sitting unaided. With the exception of special high chairs for medical purposes, this standard applies to children's high chairs for domestic and non-domestic use. NOTE If a children's high chair has to or can be converted into other functions, additional European Standards may apply.

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Children's high chairs - Requirements and test methods


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