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Seminars and Training

As national standards body, the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro carries out the important task in terms of educating the stakeholders, i.e. customers. In cooperation with the experts from various standardization areas, we are used to organize seminars, training and workshops and provide users with special attention to exchange information related to practical implementation of standards. International standards implementation means sustainable way of proving quality, compatibility and consistency. Standards offer the knowledge needed the organizations to succeed in competitive environment.

The training is intended for: the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro members, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), employees in the public sector, state administration, legal entities overall social system.

There are 160 experts from various standardization areas engaged in the work of Technical Committees of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro. Throughout the work in the technical bodies of the Institute (Technical Committees), they contribute to standardization and raise awareness of the importance of improving business performance in the organizations by implementing the standards from various areas.

Our main goal is to inform stakeholders about the latest information and achievements in the areas of standardization and legislation, as well as to inform the customers about the benefits of standardization, which directly ensures the competitiveness of Montenegrin companies and institutions at European and international level.

Throughout the seminars and training, the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro aims to make plain and comprehensible the process of practical implementation of standards, as well as to provide participants with complete analysis of service use, while providing the possibility of two-way communication, which is considered desirable.

For this reason, the customers’ expectations and satisfaction with acquired new skills are considered in a measurable way on the occasion of each training, throughout various questionnaires and customer satisfaction surveys on seminar topics and standards implementation; in addition, we tend to achieve active communication with customers during the implementation process and standards implementation.

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