Institute for Standardization of Montenegro
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Council of the Institute

The Council of the Institute manages the general course and leads the work of the Institute. The Council has fifteen members, seven of whom are appointed by the Founder, and the other eight members are being elected by the members of the Institute among themselves, taking into account that the representation of all stakeholders in standardization is ensured.

Council: elects the President of the Council; adopts the Statute with the consent of the Founder; elects two members of the Managing Board from among the members of the Institute and verifies the election of the Managing Board as a whole; adopts the program of work and the annual plan for the adoption of standards and related documents, as well as other documents related to the development of the Institute, with the consent of the Founder; gives consent to the proposal of the Performance Agreement closed for every business year by the Founder and the Institute; adopts the annual work report, financial plan and financial report; elects an independent auditor; performs other tasks within its competence.

The Rules of Procedure of the Council of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro regulate closer the issues related to the order of work and decision-making of the Council, as follows: responsibilities of the Council, composition of the Council; working bodies of the Council; election and activities of the President of the Council; convening the Council; the course of the sessions of the Council; decision-making process, as well as the election and dismissal procedure.

Members of the Institute Council are:

Name of the institutuion: Authorised representative:
Ministry of Economy Dragan Vukčević
Ministry of Economy Ivana Popović
Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs Miroslav Mašić
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Andrijana Rakočević
Directorate for Inspection Affairs Slobodanka Vuković
Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism Svjetlana Vuksanović
Ministry of Defense Saša Pavićević
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Podgorica prof. dr Jelena Jovanović
ABG Test d.o.o. – Podgorica Svetlana Marjanović-Mumin
Institut „Sigurnost“ d.o.o. - Podgorica Miloš Bakić
TARA Aerospace and Defence AD - Mojkovac Mira Jovanović
Knauf d.o.o. - Podgorica Iva Kopitović
Montinspekt d.o.o. – Podgorica Branislav Šebek
Civil Engineer d.o.o – Podgorica Boris Bojanić
Chamber of Engineers of Montenegro - Podgorica Srđan Laković

The President of the Council of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro is Mrs. Svjetlana Vuksanović