Institute for Standardization of Montenegro
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ISME in brief

The European Union recognizes standardization processes as a precondition for becoming part of international and European integration flows and as a basis for removing technical barriers to trade, i.e. ensuring the free flow of goods and services.
The system of standardization at the national level is fulfilled by means of cooperation among state, economy and other interested parties through the National Standardization Body.

In order to achieve standardization goals, meet standardization requirements of the international community and the European Union, and implement activities related to the adoption of Montenegrin standards, the Government of Montenegro adopted a Decree on establishing the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro ("Official Journal of RCG", No.21/2007) as the National Body for Standardization of Montenegro, at its session on March 29, 2007.

Bearing in mind that the primary strand of work of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro is development and adoption of Montenegrin standards in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of international and European standardization organizations, we would like to use this opportunity and invite all interested parties to apply for membership in the Institute and participate in the work of its technical bodies on standards adoption, give their contribution to the development of the standardization system in Montenegro, and, thus, encourage the development of the Montenegrin economy and society in general.

Activity of the Institute

The Institute performs the following tasks: