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Terms of use

General provisions

The rights and obligations of the Institute's website use are determined by these terms of use. The website is located on the Internet address and it presents the services of the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro; address: VII Omladinske 28, Podgorica, Montenegro.

These terms of use are integral part of the website. The Institute allows the use of the website to both natural persons and legal entities under the conditions described within these terms of use. By accessing and using the Institute's website, the users agree with the terms of use. These terms of use apply to any access to the website contents.

The Institute's operations throughout the website are regulated primarily by the Law on Electronic Commerce, Law on Obligations, Law on Copyrights and Related Rights, Law on Trademarks, Law on Personal Data Protection and the other regulations of the legal system of Montenegro for the areas that are not covered by the above stated laws. The Institute is committed to enforce and implement the rights on protecting of personal data as well as copyrights, following good business practices and applicable national regulations.

The Institute is not responsible for the content created by collecting publicly available data, it does not guarantee the accuracy or usage of the information presented throughout the available content. Exclusive responsibility for the content belongs to the persons who posted it or from whom the content has been taken over. The Institute is entitled but not obliged to remove the content from the website at any time, with no obligation of prior or subsequent notice or explanation.

Website integrity

The website is intended for presenting the Institute’s operating on the internet and advertising the services we offer. The texts and other information set by the users on any part of the website (e.g. comments) should be trustworthy. The users who set the information on the website are responsible for the accuracy of the information. The accuracy implies that it is taken from a competent source and / or personal experience of the user, with grammatical and orthographic correctness. Every use of the website as a whole or its part that is not in accordance with the terms of use, shall be considered as an abuse of the services provided by the Institute and the terms of use violation. The user independently selects the password during registration process and is solely responsible for password security and the use of the website with access information. The user shall not use the other persons’ access information or give his user data to the third parties. The user may inform the Institute if he suspects that someone has used his access data without authorization. For each case, the Institute shall provide thorough support for protecting the rights of personal data, privacy, property rights and intellectual property rights to all persons holding the rights or the persons with violated rights without delay:

The Institute reserves the right to modify, cancel (temporarily or permanently) any element of the website, services it provides, as well as content or entries related to these elements, regardless of the author and without prior approval or notice, implementing good business practices. All timings and deadlines presented on the website, as well as the time zone and working days are calculated according to the valid national regulations.


The users to whom the Institute provides services throughout its website are both visitors and registered users. A visitor is a person who accesses the website without logging in or registering and can have the access to all content available on the website, with no fee or restriction.

A registered user is a legal entity or natural person who has been registered on the website. Registration on the website for individuals and legal entities is free and available to all visitors. A registered user as a natural person may be a person ages 15 and above. During registration process, it is necessary for a natural person to fill in a form with personal data. These data are used in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. During registration process, it is necessary for the legal entity to fill in the form with the legal entity data. The data remain in the records of the Institute and shall not be used for any other purposes than meeting the rights and obligations under these terms of use.

A registered user may, with no prior explanation or notice, at any time revoke his status as a registered user by submitting a request for deleting his user account. The website allows a registered user - natural person to inform the Institute if he considers that someone abuses the user's data and contact the user for any other reason or if it is not reasoned by the registration subject and purpose.


The user is informed that he may occasionally receive from the Institute the notifications relating to the website content, modifications for the website functionality, news and actions and likewise notifications. If the user does not respond, he may unsubscribe from receiving these notifications.


Owing to the Institute provides the services to end users, they have the opportunity to make the complaints about provided services. The Institute is entitled but not obliged to monitor overall user activities and contents associated with the website. The Institute may investigate all reported violations of its terms of use. The Institute reserves the discretion to implement all legal remedies, including, but not limited to, the removal of the user account and user content, as well as suspend immediately all services used by the user, in case of violating the terms of use or in case the Institute cannot verify or check the information sent by the user.

Limitation of liability

The users use the website solely at their own risk. The users explicitly agree the Institute is not responsible for the behavior of the other users or third parties as well as that the risk of possible damage is borne entirely by these persons, following applicable national legislation.

The comments, ratings and other contents that the users post in the provided area, shall be accurate and correct. The users are responsible for the accuracy of the entered data. The accuracy of the entries implies that they are derived from the competent source, i.e. the user personal experience. The user is responsible for any made entry. The Institute does not guarantee accuracy, reliability or the content posted by the user. Except in case of intent or gross negligence, the Institute is neither responsible for the website temporary unavailability nor for its partial or complete nonfunctioning or malfunction. The Institute is not responsible for technical problems that may lead to delays and / or incorrect processing of electronic data, including the system clock. It is the responsibility of Internet service providers.

The website may be temporarily unavailable or available with limited access, as a result of regular or extraordinary maintenance of the system or in the case of planned and unplanned interventions to improve the system.