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World Earth Day | April 22

Today is Earth Day. This year's slogan is: "Let's invest in our planet", and the main goal of this movement is to raise awareness of environmental protection and preservation of our planet.

At the proposal of the Bolivian government in 2009, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared April 22 as the international Earth Day. This day is celebrated in 190 countries of the world.

The European Union (EU) says that Europe will become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 in accordance with the European Green Plan.

The country is facing a "triple planetary crisis": climate disruption, loss of nature and biodiversity, and pollution and waste, the United Nations (UN) has warned.

Climate change came into the public spotlight after several consecutive years of warning the public about this threat to the health of the planet and its population.

According to the latest statistics, the resources of planet earth are running out. At this point, another Earth and a half is needed to meet the needs of the current growing population. Overpopulation, carelessness and irrational use of natural resources practiced by mankind have led to:

In order for as many people as possible to accept responsibility and take concrete steps to stop these bad trends, every year on April 22, garbage collection actions, cleaning of parks, sea shores, rivers and lakes are organized. Emphasis is also placed on the use of sustainable energy, as little fuel burning as possible, recycling, and the cessation of plastic use, while special emphasis is placed on the personal responsibility of the individual.

The Institute for Standardization of Montenegro established the Technical Committee ISME/TK 010: Environment and environmental protection management systems, which gathers representatives of various interested parties from this field. Following the work of professional bodies of international and European organizations for standardization, the Technical Committee implements the procedure of adopting Montenegrin standards that are identical to European and international standards. So far, about 1,000 Montenegrin standards and related documents (MEST) in the field of the environment and environmental protection management systems have been published at the national level, through the aforementioned expert body.

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