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World Renewable Energy Day | April 26

The World Day of Renewable Energy Sources is celebrated on April 26, and the main goal of celebrating this very important date is to raise awareness of how important research and the application of renewable energy sources are for the safe and secure functioning of the entire country.

Also, the global goal is the most important one - rational management of resources. Energy sources are divided into non-renewable and renewable. Non-renewable energy sources include natural resources that are found on the planet in limited quantities (such as fossil fuels), while renewable energy sources are those that can, with adequate maintenance, be used an unlimited number of times and include wind power, water, solar energy and many other sources.

The Institute for Standardization of Montenegro established the Technical Committee ISME/TK E 004: Energy management systems and energy efficiency, which gathers representatives of various stakeholders from this field. Following the work of professional bodies of international and European organizations for standardization, the Technical Committee implements the procedure of adopting Montenegrin standards that are identical to European and international standards. So far, about 400 Montenegrin standards and related documents (MEST) in the field of energy management systems and energy efficiency have been published at the national level, through the aforementioned expert body.