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MEST ISO 21902:2021

Turizam i srodne usluge – Pristupačni turizam za sve – Zahtjevi i preporuke

Tourism and related services — Accessible tourism for all — Requirements and recommendations

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60.60     28.09.2021.


ISME/TK 011 Turizam i srodne usluge

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03.200.01 Odmor i turizam uopšte




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This document establishes requirements and provides guidelines for “accessible tourism for all” with the aim of ensuring equal access and enjoyment of tourism by the widest range of people of all ages and abilities.
This document provides information on the key aspects of policy making, strategy, infrastructure, products and services and is addressed to all stakeholders involved in the tourism supply chain, whether from the public or private sector. It applies at local, regional, national and international levels.
NOTE       Stakeholders include, but are not limited to, public administrations, accommodation services, catering and restaurant services, transport, tour operators and travel agencies, MICE and leisure activities, as well as service providers from other economic sectors related to tourism, travel and destination management, including their contractors and suppliers.

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MEST ISO 21902:2021
60.60 Standard je objavljen

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